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Most of my clients have endured abuse as a child and some later on in life… In either case, they were all affected by the life-wrecking, invisible, hidden painful effects of the abuse.

Life-wrecking, insidiously life-wrecking.
Even if you don´t know the first thing about this ,the aftermath of abuse.. is.  Even if you thought: ” Time heals all wounds” You were wrong. Even if you lived your life like it never happened. You were wrong thinking ”the past is the past”.

Even if you tried to muscle through life and DENY..It has n´t worked, it could n´t , and it won´t go away on its own.

Living as a victim/survivor with unsufficently healed intimacy wounds and issues in your ”hidden baggage”, tends to wreak havoc in your life.
It does n´t matter what kind of abuse you have experienced; bullying, harassment, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or sexual – or all of the above..

You Courageous, conscious, woman entrepreneur in the body, mind & soul field…

(Now a victim/survivor, soon to become a thriver)

I have a question for you, if you want to leave the trauma, drama and chaos behind for good,

and IF
* You want to live your true life, share your gifts and be of service in the way only you can.
*You want to turn your life into your passionate livelihood, meaning follow Your Soul & Life Purposes.

Then the question is:

Are you wiling and ready to TRANSFORM your life – for real?
As a Pro? Follow through to the finishing line?

Not just go a little bit, but get ready and embrace, commit to the real transformation your soul has been waiting for you to step into…take up – literally- the challenge of your life…

Well, you might be completely ready for this challenge. and have already said YES!..
Then you probably have had enough of feeling stuck, frustrated and worried about some of the following questions:

*Where am I going to get enough money to pay my bills at the end of the month?

*Why can´t I learn how to get paid what I am worth?

*Why don´t I attract more motivated,” give it all ”- clients that I like working with and who can afford to pay me the value  of the magical transformation I help them get??

(You might be thinking: ”After all, I help them get their Holy Grail! ”)

*What can I do to connect with all those people that I am supposed to help, that I can help and that would make both of us live a win-win situation?”

*What can I do to get more peace, harmony, love and less chaos and drama in my life?”
OMG! Help me, please!

Well, maybe God just heard you because…

If these questions – or some of them- ring true to you…
And You are yearning for a more soul- fulfilling, meaningful existence,

I just might be able to help You!

  • If you want to
    Make the difference you came here to make
  • Be aware of, use and share  your gifts…
  • Leave the life –wrecking effects of the abuse behind, because finally you trust enough to choose the  solution that popped into your world, on your door step, of sorts…
    BUT ONLY IF YOU are willing to do the necessary work.

You have two choices now:
Either be true to yourself and  your soul ´s secret life plan for Your BEST DREAM LIFE EVER
or opt-out.. go back to your  dreary, zombi -like existence.

The choice is yours.

After you have formulated the answer in your head. Surely…can there be more than one answer?

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Or you just might be ready to have a conversation with me about where you are on your journey to being free to step into your Soul -& Life Purposes.


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