After trauma…
I Help You Get Your Thriving Life…  and
Your Soul & Life Purposes

At the End of the Day, it all Boils down to the Quality of Your Love!

How much love you can allow into your life, without blocking it or putting up walls around your heart..  My guess is, you have put up major resistance to love…

Somebody wise has said: ”the Quality of Your Love is the Quality of Your Life”

Yeah. True.
Life has taught me that everything that matters is closely related to love; from how much financial flow we allow ourselves to experience, to the quality of our relationships and the quantity of happiness we are willing and able to allow into our lives.
Love for ourself is also the reason we invite mentors, to guide us to our best lives.

But I have not always been aware of this, it has not always been a living core value in my life.


I was personally under the illusion of having had a happy childhood, until a dramatic divorce forced me to find out the reason to how it was possible that I could have gone through such a painful divorce: my family were painfully split in the northern and southern hemispheres.

My quest led me to study various healing modalities in the US and France, learning about the relationship between the subconscious and conscious minds in hypnotherapy, and becoming the representative in Sweden for Theta Healing -an international School for Divine Healing and Guidance.
I was to work as a coach/healer for many years, offering individual healing and facilitating courses internationally as a spiritual teacher for years before ”the unspeakable secret” was revealed to me: I had been sexually abused as a child.

This realization came more or less at the same time as the information that my life purpose was to globally help others heal form their abuse issues.

So, over the last 17 years, my satisfied international clients and students have benefited from the various state- of – arts healing methods and tools I have learnt, used and developed both to heal myself and help others become thrivers.

Typically, my clients have been able to clear up enough of their baggage, to create more harmonious, passionate, fulfilling and loving relationships both in their personal and biz lives.

Working with me means to learn how to let go of and make a difference between the old, negative patterns of thinking that no longer serve you and replace them with upgraded versions of better functioning truths to ultimately be able to fully be able to Get Paid for Being You. If that is your choice…

Stepping into my mission has turned me into – in essence- an Evolutionary Soul Biz Guide & Love Alchemist, which is very helpful for those I am here to serve.
So today I help women, victims-survivors of abuse –”wanna be thrivers” heal their relationship to their inner voice –remove the barriers to self- and reclaim their trust of self that was wounded, so they can step into their thriving, passionate lives:
Fulfill their soul´s dream and step into their Soul & Life Purposes.

Remember…Your Passionate, Empowering and Thriving Life is waiting for You.

So are your unique gifts, -if you are unaware of them-and the service you are here to provide.
The difference you -only you- are here to make…

“I´m a Lover not a fighter. Let´s make the world a
peaceful place to live in.
Let´walk together on the path of Love…”

Let´s Get Your Life Together!