Hi and Welcome to my blog …

Here is where I will be sharing information and inspiration to help you reader on your healing journey from victim-survivor to thriver and truly create your best life after having endured sexual abuse.

My intention is to serve you- even awaken you if you are willing- so you can step into your life/soul purpose and life you opted in for more consciously.

So.. who am I to write on this subject?
This morning I asked myself this very same question- meaning my Higher Self…

This is her answer:” You are a Spiritual Trailblazer and an Ascension Guide.”
For now, let´s go with that answer…

As you may imagine, the answer was not a total surprise to me. Only the word ”trailblazer” was news to me, but not the rest of the ”title” or soul purpose, job description, I have been aware of for some ten years or so. Since then, I have been doing massic healing work on myself to be ready to step into the only reason why I am incarnated here as Lena.

So, the time has come, to fulfill my job, to take on the challenge. On this site, it is my intention is to share information, inspire and educate to help you reader step into the healing journey, called life.

Now, if you are a total newbie to the idea of healing, you might be asking yourself.: ”But Lena, why on earth spend time and energy on healing something that happened so long ago?” Surely “Time heals everything? My short answer is. no, it does not. It is more like the opposite: unhealed wounds get worse and compounded over time…
So now my question for you is: 

*Are you at all concerned about relieving yourself of the deep pain–- be it physical, emotional, relational or existential – that has been your constant companion for so long..?

*Are you at all interested in upgrading the quality of your life and love?

*Are you interested in honoring your most sacred contract with yourself- namely your soul/life purpose?

*Are you interested in understanding the spiritual meaning behind the abuse?

and lastly…
*Are you open, willing and ready to get the “spiritual take” on who you are?

If so, I invite you to become a reader of my blog… and wish you a big
Tune in soon…

To Your Best Love and Life,
Ambassador of the Love and Mind Revolution