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Welcome to my safe Facebook group “Women Thrivers` Voice”

In this Fb group, I will use my knowledge and experience as a Spiritual Trailblazer, Guide & Healer of abuse, to help and educate members so they can Create their Empowered Voice, Life and Soul Purpose beyond abuse and pain. My intention for you is to learn, grow, share experiences and support other members to create a community of warm, kind sisterhood.

I will be sharing my own experience of my healing journey and of course, anonymous success stories from life and my many years of working as a healer, spiritual teacher and workshop facilitator.

I am so excited to be welcoming new members in to be part of the great potential for transformation that this group is.
My goal is for our hub to be a safe, kind gathering where you can connect and find both safety, comfort, education and clarity as much as feeling that you are amongst women in the same situation as yourself.

Some values in our group are to honor others, chat with each other with an open heart and always show kindness, respecting other people´s boundaries and refrain from giving unsolicited advice. In short, ” Be the friend you would like to have”.

As a member of “Women Thrivers`Voice“, you will receive the guidance, support and clarity you will need on your journey from Victim /Survivor to Thriver – after any kind of abuse…

You ask to join the FB-group by sending me an email with the following text in the subject line: Request to join Women Thrives`voice FB group. Email address:

Please write a couple of lines in the email telling me why you think you are a fit for the group, and what you are looking for…
Remember to write your name, where you are from, your approximate age, name the kind of abuse you have endured – and if you want to -where you think you are on your healing journey. One way of describing this is could be to write just a few words: ” I`m a total newbie,” “still feel like a victim”, “have done some”/ or a lot of healing”.

The information you write to me in the email is confidential and stays with me. 
Please give me this information in a few sentences only 🙂

Once a member, be sure to be active and tap in weekly or more often for the different resources I will be offering as weekly Fb lives, education, inspiration, and support.
And of course – enjoy the positive interaction from other fellow thrivers.

Does this sound like something you would like to be part of?
A community of women who want and work for long-lasting transformation and get more harmonious, fulfilling and loving lives…

Can you imagine what it would look and feel like to be able to transform your quality of love and life??!!!

If so…

Want to have a look at the group?
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Remember to request to join today!
Sending you love and
See you soon,




2. Forum för Kärlek- Dating och Relationer

Här får du inspiration, insikter och hjälp att se tydligt vad som behöver rensas bort i din “kärleks-röra” så att du ska få harmoniska, kärleksfulla kvalitets- relationer.
Slut med dörrmatte-syndromet, att alltid säga ja, och tro att anti -kärleken är kärlek, alltid låta honom/henne komma i första rummet, etc….

Vi kommer att diskutera vad den villkorslösa kärleken innebär i praktiken. Det är väldigt nyttigt i dejting – djungeln!
Vi vill kunna säga- med stor passion:” You Tarzan Me Jane” och lite till.. eller hur?

Självklart kommenterar vi med respekt,vänlighet och uppmuntran andras inlägg. Du kan bjuda in vänner att komma hit och skapa diskussioner, vänskap och gemenskap.


3. Get Your Life! Fatta vad livet går ut på…

För Dig företagare inom kropp & själ, healers/coacher, författare, talare som är intresserad av att hitta din röst, din essens, sanna jag. Du vill veta mer om konceptet “livsuppgift”.


Låt äventyret börja!
Lena Dellborg, Kärleks-alkemist, Andlig lärare och Soul BIz Guide

“Ì´m a lover, not a fighter, let´s make the world a peaceful place”

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