Let´s Get Your Life Together…

What kind of transformation can I count on working with you Lena?
What does it take from me to work with you?

These are the two most important questions I get from people who consider working with me. The answer? 

Be willing and open to get ready to get out of your comfort zone and start perceiving things differently, from a higher perspective. If you want to reach that magical peaceful miracle zone, where you meet your true self, you must open your mind to experiences and thoughts and possibilities you might never have heard of and, yes, you need to trust me because your true self is not hiding in your comfort zone!!!

Working with me is a lot about getting out of your own way and accept to think differently to adopt and adapt to a higher level of awareness that leads to more of what you really want; more love, harnomy success, be able to live and lead a more fulfilling, meaningfull and prosperous life…
In order to achieve this, you must be able to see, sense and be aware of the difference between your Ego`s domineering voice and your soul´s softer voice that is always of the highest guidance. Once you spot the difference you need to choose to listen to your soul´s voice and guidance and not to your ego´s. That too is part of your healing journey.

Working with me means changing your perspectives, yes and also in many cases shifting your world view so you can appreciate accept and allow in more of what is valuable and truly right for you. I call myself the Ambassador of the Love and Mind revolution, I hope that description tells you about the shift needed to really get it, get there get your life, the life you opted- in for coming into this world.

So, what are the results of shifting your beliefs, your mind and yes your faulty, in many cases toxic perceptions of “anti-love”, that you have mistaken for true love?( No offense taken I hope. You see we all have -all of humanity -have to evolve in the name of true love…)
Back to the results… Since we go to the bottom level of where problems are created-the mind level- you should typically expect to feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. Thanks to your personal Love revolution, you will be able to create a new more solid and amazing foundation for a life of more harmonious, peaceful relationships in your life.

Once you have laid this new loving, foundation you might want to go on finding out about your soul purpose and gifts. I guide you there too.
Coming from a place of having been abused, I get that this might not be what is top of mind right now.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like a victim, or if you are struggling to survive in some arena in life, or if you want to thrive after you have endured pain and abuse. What matters is that you are courageous enough to start the process of setting out on that healing journey and ask for help from an experienced guide and that you are willing to take my hand and trust my guidance.

Many people who grew up in families where other members were abused actually suffer from the abuse too and need help to heal. Therefore if that is your case, welcome too.

Some people want to know their soul purpose before their basic foundation of self-love is in place. This, however, is like insisting you climb to the top of the Mount Everest today without any necessary training or prior knowledge needed to have a chance at succeeding without putting your life at risk. So, please, trust me if I tell you to do some more healing first…Eager to start your healing journey in a safe group with like-minded women?

You can check out my FREE  Facebook group “Women Thrivers`Voice” click here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenthriversvoice/
To request to join the group, send the request to: info@getyourlife.se

Welcome to work with me,